ACIST Skillnet organises subsidised Training Courses to upskill Private Sector company employees in order to maintain and strengthen jobs and competitiveness. Courses are designed around Employers needs for current and future skills, with high quality content presented by a panel of experienced Trainers.

The Network, founded in 2006, has trained over 5000 people in a range of disciplines and   has a regional focus mainly but not limited to the Mid-West Region of Ireland including Limerick, Clare, North Tipperary and South Galway.

We provide off the shelf courses to companies and also develop training specifically designed for business needs. Training is provided for all levels of employees.


At least twice a year the Network will issue a Training Needs Analysis to Member Companies to assess Future Skills shortages. Please do your bit to "Make Ireland Great Again" by completing the short forms and returning them. If you would like to get involved in Steering the direction of the Skillnet or enquire further about any training courses please contact us on enquiries@skillsacist.com.

ACIST Skillnet is funded by Member Companies and the Training Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets, funded through the Department of Education, Training and Skills. Skillnets funds and facilitates training through over 60 networks of private sector companies, in a range of sectors and regions.

Companies that undertake Training with ACIST Skillnet automatically become a FREE Member Company.